• We Provide Complete Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Complete Server Solutions
  • TCS-ION Cloud Services Enabled

To address the present and future IT needs, reduce the cost of doing business, or accommodate organizational change, businesses are realizing the value of collaborative technology solutions that are beyond the constraints of today's technologies.

With CA&S Solutions (P) Limited, your business is assured of a reliable infrastructure network that promises professionalism. CA&S’s team of qualified engineers provide solutions that span the entire technology life cycle – from design and set-up to integration and management of infrastructure. While super-fast installation helps you leverage your business and sustain a global competitive advantage, fluid systems ensure maximum returns on your IT investments.

CA&S’s Services today provides infrastructure support for a number of customers in India, making CA&S’s one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure solutions provider in the country. Implementation of advanced technology, continuous innovation and a commitment to service quality gives CA&S an upper hand in meeting the most sophisticated demands of corporate customers in India.

CA&S’s comprehensive package offers solutions at every stage of operation. With CA&S services, you can take advantage of an enlarged customer interface, an efficient internal infrastructure and better back-end connectivity. All this to help you do what you do best – manage your business.