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Digital Transformation with AWS Cloud

AWS is a complete & evolving cloud computing platform that offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) solutions.

At CAS Solutions, we offer our clients a collection of more than 90 different services and offerings, in 10 different categories.

Services offered on AWS

We are AWS-certified cloud practitioners that offer diverse services as

Deployment Service Competencies

Learning the business goals & demands.

Understand the work assignments – OS & application platforms, database engines, resiliency etc

Develop architecture for cloud deployment.

One of the most exciting benefits of using a public cloud is the ease with which companies can expand and add extra servers in response to demand.

Protected network access to the AWS resources as per the need.

Elaborated deployment documentation and training to users or end customers.

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Make your Cloud Journey with AWS

Migration Service Competencies

We are experts in migrating applications & database workloads from on-site to AWS. Some service assignments include:

Java, .Net, & PHP applications.

Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL/Maria databases.

Developing disaster recovery sites for AWS.

Establishing DC-DR synchronization for multiple databases - Oracle (standard & enterprise editions), MS SQL Server, MySQL/Maria.

We have OEM-certified professionals for all AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, RedHat, and VMWare services.


Deploy and Scale Applications Faster with AWS!

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Fulfil all your cloud advisory needs under one roof.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Experience seamless expertise & migration to AWS cloud - be it from onsite or another cloud service provider.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Get a 360 ° service & support for your AWS cloud setup & management.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

We give you all the expertise and knowledge on how to leverage & migrate securely to cloud environments.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

We offer seamless integrations to turn your onsite assignments into cloud-based workloads.

Cloud Marketing

Cloud Marketing

Explore a myriad of extensive & proven services for website designing, digital marketing - all in one place.

Drive your business smartly with AWS Cloud

Balance loads & make your applications fault-tolerant with AWS. Let us drive you through the AWS journey.